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Motovun: An Istrian Tale through the Eyes of Istrabook

Motovun is a true gem of Istria, perched on a hill with breathtaking panoramic views. Its narrow streets hide tales of centuries past, while local restaurants offer the finest Istrian delicacies. With Istrabook, discover the luxurious Villa Banic Motovun and dive into the magical atmosphere of this medieval town.

Motovun: An Istrian Tale through the Eyes of Istrabook

Motovun, perched on a hill in the green heart of Istria, proudly stands out as a medieval jewel offering enchanting panoramic views. As you stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets of this town, every nook and cranny feels like a step back in time, where whispers of past eras await discovery. But beyond its historical treasures, Motovun is a culinary haven. Delicacies like fresh truffles, the true Istrian gold, dominate the menus of local restaurants, turning every meal into a gourmet experience.

Yet, Motovun offers so much more. Every year, it comes alive during the "Motovun Film Festival", where movie enthusiasts from around the world come to enjoy some of the best independent films. If you're seeking a more active vacation, try biking along the Mirna river or join the exhilarating truffle hunting. Wine aficionados will be thrilled with a visit to Roxanich Winery, where they can sample some of Istria's finest wines. And for those looking to experience Motovun from a bird's-eye view, the hot air balloon competition is an adventure not to be missed.

At the heart of this fairy-tale town, Istrabook proudly presents Villa Banic Motovun. This luxurious villa with a pool is the perfect place where tradition and modernity meet, providing you with a tranquil retreat after a day of exploration.

With Istrabook, every moment of your stay in Motovun becomes an unforgettable part of your story. Visit us and experience the magic of Istria through the eyes of Motovun.

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