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Luxury Villas for Rent in Pula

Villas in Pula - book a unique villa for yourself. Best prices only with us.

Luxury Villas for Rent in Pula

Villas in Pula

Looking for a combination of excellent accommodation and top location? Then Pula is the place for you. On the Istrabook website, you can find some of the most luxurious villas with swimming pools located in Pula and make the most of your vacation. Among the beautiful villas we can highlight for you are Vila Mersi located in the suburb of Jadreški, specific for its modern look and large pool, and Resort Vila Lotus which includes several villas in Pula, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best. Also, Vila Elite, which is also located in Pula, is a gorgeous elite villa with two private pools and a large area. On the Istrabook website, you can find many more luxurious villas for which we guarantee the best prices on the market.

Pula is a beautiful coastal tourist city, the largest in Istria, which includes numerous settlements and surroundings such as Loborika, Barban, Barbariga, Pješčana Uvala, Vodnjan, and many others. In all these suburban settlements, you can find beautiful holiday homes that you can choose from. The city is very advanced in tourism, and this is also due to the geographical position of the city itself. In the center of Pula, you can walk along the Pula waterfront and enjoy the sea air. The center of Pula is rich in historical landmarks. Walking through the most famous "Prvomajska" street, you can see the Golden Gate, the Small Roman Theater, the Forum, and the most famous Pula Arena. For museum lovers, there are the Archaeological Museum, Kastel, Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria. In addition to its rich history, Pula offers various cafes and nightclubs that will be of most interest to young visitors to this city.

Pula's coastlines

Enchanting sandy, pebble, and rocky beaches adorn Pula's coastlines. You can find a large number of beautiful and famous beaches such as Ambrela, Havajsko, the beach in Pješčana Uvala, and many others. All beaches are nicely arranged, suitable for children, and rich in various contents. With natural shade, which is abundant in this area, you can rent sun umbrellas with loungers and relax even more. For those who love adrenaline and activity, they have the opportunity to rent a Jet-Ski, ride a speedboat, fly a parachute, and try their hand at the very popular water skiing! After an active day at the beach, you can enjoy dinner with family and friends in restaurants located along the coast.

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