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Luxury villas for rent in Poreč

Poreč, located in the heart of Istria, is a perfect destination for a holiday, combining old cultural charm with a luxurious tourist offer, including carefully selected villas with pools. Istrabook offers villas that stand out for their beauty, wonderful surroundings, and ideal location. Enjoy your holiday alongside numerous tourist attractions.

Luxury villas for rent in Poreč

Villas in Poreč

The town of Poreč is located in the heart of Istria and is a perfect choice for a vacation. If you have decided to rent a holiday home in this town, then you are in the right place. Poreč is an old cultural town that, on the other hand, also boasts a luxurious tourist side. We have carefully selected the most beautiful villas with pools just for you. They are specific in their beauty, wonderful surroundings, and location. Istrabook offers the perfect balance of price and quality for these villas. Enjoy your choice of house, with a pool and a view of this beautiful town.

This place offers a large number of tourist attractions that you can visit. The Euphrasian Basilica is one of the most famous Istrian cultural landmarks. For antique lovers, this interesting building, dating back to the sixth century, will be a delightful experience. If you take a stroll along the Poreč waterfront, you will find QR codes that provide information about the city's landmarks. If you have a pet, Poreč is a "Pet-friendly" city. It has 12 dog-friendly beaches, walking paths, parks, and excellent veterinary centers. Your pet is welcome in almost all cafés and restaurants. Most of the holiday homes we offer are pet-friendly.

If you decide to choose a villa in Poreč, be sure to visit the Aquacolors Water Park, which is only 2 km away, and find a compromise between adrenaline and relaxation. Start your villa selection and begin your vacation now!

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